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Bowland Dark Skies Video

Forest Of Bowland Dark SkysThe Forest of Bowland is a stargazer's paradise - one of England's darkest areas making it a great destination both by day and night. Above is a series of timelapses and images of the sky above the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, produced by local astroner Robert Ince.

Autumn Together with the spring this is a prime viewing time. Nights are properly dark and the Milky Way is overhead in the evening, resembling a shimmering river of stars. Star clusters Stocks Reservoiralso look fantastic. Meteors showers like the Leonids can put on a good show in November.

Winter The season of sparkling skies! The sky is often at its most transparent as temperatures dip. Glittering star clusters and magnificent constellations like Orion grace the sky, along with bright nebula. Wrap up warm and the rewards can be amazing.

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