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In 2009 Cobden Farm B&B received a Gold Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme and received the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.

Here at Cobden Farm Bed and Breakfast we are committed to providing a good quality service whilst minimising the environmental impact of our activities.

A symbol of this commitment is our membership of the Green Tourism Business Scheme. The scheme provides accreditation and encouragement for tourism businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their activities. By encouraging sustainable practices the scheme ensures the continued enjoyment of the environment around us for future generations.

Some of the main steps we have taken to reduce our impact are:

Recently, we have had double glazed windows installed throughout the farmhouse plus extra loft insulation, helping to keep us and our guests warmer and helping us to reduce our oil usage – as will the new 21st Century oil boiler that was also installed.

We said cheerio to the old oil boiler that had chuntered away faithfully for almost 30 years. It sounded like a tank when it started up. And, after a summer’s rest, often needed a few serious thumps with a hammer to get going for the autumn.

The new bunded 660 gallon oil tank, as well as being more eco-safe, gives us more flexibility to buy oil at cheapest rates and best prices.

A new larger immersion tank has been installed and the water is heated up at night, using cheap rate electricity.

Recycle as much waste as possible to cut the amount going to landfill.

We use microfibre cloths and environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout - for laundry, in the kitchen, bathrooms and other rooms.

Reduce electricity consumption by using more low energy light bulbs, encouraging visitors - and ourselves - to 'switch off' !

We also ‘rescue’ old window frames, doors, or any abandoned wood that would otherwise go into skips. This scrap wood becomes fuel for our woodburner, which heats water during the day, and warms our main living area and breakfast conservatory.

Encourage visitors to use disposable bags so they 'bin it, don't flush it' in the bathrooms.

Encourage visitors to follow the Sustainable Tourism Visitor code and the Countryside Code

Use recycled paper in bathrooms and kitchen and recycled bin bags for non-recyclable waste.

Any waste left in our guest rooms is recycled where possible.

We encourage our guests to take an interest in local wildlife by asking them to make a note of what they have seen, we also record wildlife activity on our blog.

Four old dustbins that friends were throwing out and that would have ended up in landfill are now under drain pipes around the farmhouse and greenhouse to collect rainwater, which is used to water flowers and other plants during dry spells.

We are RSPB members www.rspb.org.uk. and help raise money for them by having a RSPB badges box.

We also sell Forest of Bowland Badges to support Champion Bowland.

Developing local walks with other green businesses.

We are committed to a five-year Entry Level Stewardship agri-environment scheme, run by Natural England, encourages farmers and land owners to care for and preserve the countryside.

Our web host 1&1 is proud to be the first large web host who relies solely on renewable energy. 1&1 now uses wind, water and solar power in accordance with the Renewable Energy Certification System (RECS).


Goose Forest of Bowland Bed and Breakfast
One of our geese hoping to recycle some bread!

Members of Bowland Experience Supporting Forest of Bowland Sustainable Tourism

Bowland Experience Supporting Forest of Bowland Sustainable Tourism


We have been featured as a Lancashire Green Tourism Project Case Study Click Here to view (pdf)

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